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Welcome to, a comprehensive lawyer directory and search engine -- over 287,000 attorneys.

US/CANADA LAWYER/LAW FIRM DATABASES - 287,056 Lawyers, 34,704 Law Firms
  • 273,254 Lawyer Phone Numbers
  • 287,056 Lawyer Addresses
  • 232,303 Lawyer Fax Numbers
  • 240,532 Lawyer Email Addresses
  • 34,659 Law Firm Phone Numbers
  • 34,704 Law Firm Addresses
  • 31,338 Law Firm Fax Numbers
  • 25,734 Law Firm Email Addresses

  • And now the best part....    it can be yours!

    That's right. Unlike other lawyer search services, you can purchase our databases with an unlimited usage license. The only licensing restriction is that you cannot re-sell the data or otherwise make it publicly available (e.g. to create another lawyer search service on the internet).

    If you don't need the whole database, you can even create your own custom database using our Custom Database Tool. Just specify your criteria and we will create your database for instant download and purchase.

    Still not sure? Download a free sample.

    More Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Complete Lawyer Database
    287,056 lawyers and
    34,074 law firms
    for $2,000/$500
    (Over 244,000 email addresses!)

    Complete Law Firm Database
    34,074 law firms
    for $600/$150

    Lawyer Email Database
    240,532 lawyers with email address
    Includes Name, CSZ, Email
    for $1,200/$300
    (Over 240,000 email addresses!)

    Lawyer Email-Only Database
    for $900/$200
    (Over 240,000 email addresses!)

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